About Us

Carbonlites is the brand-name of the renewable energy solutions product line brought to you by Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters is carbon management company that spun out of the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland, and today has offices in the UK, India and Ecuador. Our raison d'être is a passion to help organisations reduce their carbon impact and adapt to inevitable climate change by replacing their fossil fuel consumption with innovative, clean energy solutions.

The problems that we face today, particularly in our cities, be it climate change or the consequences of improper waste management, are all very real. However, being environmentally responsible does not have to mean being impractical. Carbon Masters strives to devise practical solutions that are not only eco-friendly, but also make great business sense. That’s because we believe that a good business is one that keeps all the stakeholders happy, and that the earth is our biggest stakeholder.

To find out more about Carbon Masters, visit www.carbonmasters.co.uk

Our Team

Carbon Masters' two founding partners bring a range of complementary skills and capabilities, youthful enthusiasm and experience, and an understanding of both the developing and developed worlds. Passion, global insight, and technical mastery are the values they aspire to bring to the company.


Kevin Houston


After successful sales, marketing and consulting careers with P&G, Price Waterhouse Coopers and IBM, Kevin took up the cause of climate change in 2006. After his post-graduate studies in Carbon Management from the University of Edinbugh, Kevin co-founded Carbon Masters with Som. Today, he handles branding, marketing and strategy for the company.


Som Narayan


In 2008, Som moved to Scotland for his Masters in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh. Som also holds an Environmental Engineering degree and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental law from National Law School of India University. He is responsible for new partnerships, innovation and product development at Carbon Masters.


Ashwin H.G

Project Engineer

Ashwin is a mechanical engineer with a Masters degree in Product Design and Manufacturing. He has worked in rural conditions with farmers and has valuable experience involving the handling of rice mill waste. At Carbon Masters, Ashwin handles end-to-end design, implementation and commissioning of projects.


Pradeep Kumar B.P

Operations and Maintenance

Pradeep joined Carbon Masters in 2014. He holds a Diploma in Electrical and Communications. He puts his expertise to good use at Carbon Masters, taking care of maintenance to ensure the least amount of downtime. He also manages and optimizes operations.

For more details on any of our services contact us info@carbonlites.com